Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 6-11

Day 6: March 11, 2009 - We stayed in because Ed and I still seemed sick.

Day 7: March 12, 2009 - Ed was getting better but we skipped out on Mother Goose anyways, don't want to risk getting other little ones ill.

Day 8: March 13, 2009 - We were feeling much much better, went to Dufferin mall with some cool Junction Moms, Ed fell asleep in the car on the way home and I only had like 2hrs before his second doc appointment so we headed over to Cloverdale mall, I fed and changed his bum, we strolled around Kitchen Stuff Plus and then got back on the road to St. Joe's. So crazy because the nurse gave him his shots, but instead of nursing him she wanted me to hold him facing her with his feet between my knees and holding his arms by his side...I was nervous but she was finished before Ed or I even noticed and he barely flinched. We picked up Daddy afterwards and headed to Subway for supper :)

Day 9: March 14, 2009 - We didn't do much, the weather was gorgeous. I did head out and picked up Ed's next car seat, Safety 1st True Fit. It seemed to get good reviews on (comparable to Britax Marathon) and it was on sale at Zellers. Thanks RFD.

Day 10: March 15, 2009 - Playdate with Junction Moms while Dad cleaned up dog poo and maple keys outside. Made homemade rice cereal for Ed, he wasn't too fond until I added pears. We took his socks off because it made him look like a little hillbilly :) He was really enjoying playing with the spoon more than the food and yes I usually strap him in :P

Day 11: March 16, 2009 - Sarah was supposed to come out to Earl Bales park with us for a urban hike with the Urban Hike Group :P but she was :( Ed and I went after getting lost because I didn't realize there isn't a Bathurst St exit while going east on the 401, ah duh?!?! It was a beautiful day and I met some more nice moms :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 5: March 10, 2009 - Doc Appointment

I swear my baby doesn't look sick, his sleep is a little messed up and he's sporadically coughing and sneezing and he still seems a little hot, but otherwise his regular funny self :) I haven't figured out if he got me sick or if I got him sick, my throat feels like sandpaper in the morning and the evening...I hate being sick!

Ed was supposed to get his shots today but because of his fever the doctors didn't want to give them in case he reacts to them, which wouldn't be good on top of his cold. I finally decided to get the blood taken for my thyroid test, I feel like things are probably fine but it'll be interesting to find out for sure since all the women on my side have thyroid issues.

I've cancelled all my playdates this week but am hoping that we miraculously get all better by the end of the week so we can have a good weekend...did I mention I hate being sick!! The calendar is full and I hate missing out on my daily outings, they keep me sane.

Anyways, here's the photo of the day. Ed has recently started sitting up without support fairly well, here he is propped up on his change table and looking in his circle mirrors, he loves them :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 4: March 9, 2009 - Recipe Exchange

So today our activity was a recipe exchange with the Junction Parents at Cool Hand of a Girl. What a great little shop, I had never been before and tried an avocado sandwich for the first time good :) Half the ladies ended up cancelling for various family emergencies or last minute notice (with the RSVP/waiting list system) but 5 of us still made it out and enjoyed chatting it up, eating lunch and exchanging recipes.

I almost thought I was going to have to cancel for a while this morning, Ed woke up at 6am this morning -- very unlike him and I noticed that he was boiling in his sleeper. I changed his bum and took him back into bed with just his diaper. It took him about a half hour to get back to sleep just in time for DH to start 7am the alarm went off and Ed was still boiling, I took out the thermometer and he had a slight fever. He's never had one before and it bothers me that he's so hot all over. I get DH to call his mom and we give him some Tylenol. Once dad leaves we go back to sleep till 10am!!!!! It seems like his fever is a little better and he's not boiling all over but then he starts wincing his eyes...he's never done that before. He was fairly well behaved while we were out and we didn't actually get back till after 1pm so he's tired and napping. I'll get his 365 pic sometime later this afternoon or tonight. I'm concerned for my little dude but luckily we have a doc appointment tomorrow so that's fairly convenient.

Day 3: March 8, 2009 - Daylight Savings

So I'm a day late and I realize I'm not gonna because to keep up with a blog a day...there just aren't enough hours in a day...especially since spring daylight savings steals one from us. Ed didn't wake up till 9am on Sunday, which was really 10am. The worse was the night time, he was already staying awake till 10pm before the change...last night was 11:30pm before he finally decided to sleep. I tried the whole night time routine thing but he just doesn't want to sleep at that time. We had previously tried CIO for about a week almost a month or so ago and after a full week we saw no progress so decided to put it off for another month or so. I'm leery about starting it again, it was really hard to deal with. I can't really complain because once Ed does go down he's only up a few times during the night to eat and since he's in bed with us...I'm half asleep and hardly notice.

So Sunday night was eventful but during the day we mostly just hung out around the house, not much going on at all. This is supper time with avocado and banana, me trying a technique in photoshop to isolate the messy puree:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 2: March 7, 2009 - Hanging with Aunty Sarah

Day 2: I had recently got a BabyCenter email:
Many babies are happy and outgoing at this stage. If yours is, then this an ideal time to show her that other people can love her almost as much as you do. Try letting her spend some time getting accustomed to warm, trusted caregivers and babysitters. The experience will help her feel more secure a couple of months down the road, when separation anxiety makes its entrance and your little extrovert becomes more reluctant to leave your side.
With this on my mind I decided to talk to Aunty Sarah about her previous offers to babysit, we had hung out earlier in the week so Ed and her had a chance to reacquaint with each other. He even fell asleep on her in the Ergo while we had walked around the cute!! So Saturday came around, DH and I had decided to go see Coraline in 3D downtown (it was great btw). This was Ed's first time being away from Mom and Dad, the entire time leading up to it I didn't think I would freak out but I did a bit, trying to think of everything I could to possibly tell Sarah: his likes, dislikes, toys, food, dogs...yabbber, yabber, yabber...on and on and on :)

Of course Ed decided to take a 1.5hr nap and only woke up as we should have been leaving the house, so I nursed him quickly and we took off...after getting stuck in a few traffic jams we made it into the theatre just as the previews were starting. Aunty Sarah tell us that Ed was great for her...I had suspected that he might be but was still a little nervous. I think I was the most amazed that he had even went down for a nap...something Dad and I even had a hard time with not so long ago :)

Day 1: March 6, 2009 - Balmy Swinging

I found this great idea about documenting a year in the life of your child with photos, basically taking a picture everyday to see how they grow and change. I went back through Flickr and tried to see if I had any significant consecutive sequence of days but there are huge gaps between picture taking in the past 6mos so I figured I'd start now and get Ed from 6mos to 18mos. It will also give me an opportunity to hone my photography and Photoshop skills.

So since the weather has started getting a little nicer and Ed's gotten better with his neck and upper body strength I've wanted to get him to a swing at a park to see how he likes it. On two separate occasions I've passed parks while on foot but Ed's been sleeping and I never wake my sleeping cutie :) On Friday we went to Ed's first birthday party, we had a great time hanging out and playing with the other babies and moms. The weather was so nice, something around 14 degrees, I decided to walk over to the Junction with the stroller. Barely 15mins into the walk I had to take off my jacket because I was sweating....YES!!!

So after the party, DH wanted me to head over the Blockbuster and see about buying a video game so I took the long way around Keele and the Stockyards. Ed got a little fussy after finishing up in the store so I put him in the Ergo and proceeded to push an empty stroller home. We were passing a park and he was awake and the weather was still great so he went for his first swing...YAY! He was a little apprehensive at first but overall enjoyed himself.

Here's Day 1:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Declutter Challenge Week 1: Desk/Office-Part 2

So I spent the better part of last night and today going through the papers, so many papers. I had tax stuff from well over 10yrs was always the folder that I avoided because it was so fat with documents. I've purged the papers now I just have to develop a system to organize it once it comes into the house and then I'll decide if I need to get some more organizing equipment.

I also took the time to sign up for ebilling with the remaining companies I hadn't bothered with before. Surprisingly, Superior Propane is only utility that doesn't provide any sort of online capability.

I still have to look through the insurance and auto papers. Then I'll just have to send off the garbage with DH so he can shred it all. With regards to the desks, I've done a cursory sweep of the desks but there is still quite a bit left to do and it's really not as easy to do this as before Ed came along.